2018 Resolution

We are well into January and many of us haven’t made any resolutions. Well, we’ve created a mini list of easy non-demanding resolutions you can make this year that will help you take care of your eyes.

We promise we won’t make you change your lifestyle, but these three steps could significantly help you keep your eyes healthy.

  1. Make an appointment to see your Optician
  2. Even if you feel that your vision hasn’t changed or that your eyes are generally healthy. It won’t harm you to visit your local optician for a general eye examination. They not only assess your eyes for a prescription, but they may be able to find early signs of dry eye syndrome or damage to the surface of your eye.

    If you find that you need a prescription, you’ll be glad you visited sooner rather than later as avoiding glasses or contact lenses puts strain on your eyes, making your prescription worse.

    P.S. Many high street opticians offer free eye tests (even without purchasing frames!)

  3. Set your phone to Night Shift (iOS) or Night Mode (Android)
  4. Your smartphone has a setting where is uses a yellowish hue to reduce the blue light in emits. Studies have shown that the blue light from the screens has impacted sleep patterns. To our brains, blue light resembles sunlight and so using phones just before bed sends messages to our brain that it is daytime and it is not time to sleep.

    Blue light has also been proven to be a leading cause of eye strain, so restricting your exposure could improve symptoms like headaches, dry eyes and eve blurred vision.

  5. Take Lutein Supplements
  6. Lutein is the number one eye vitamin. We have made your life a bit easier by suggesting to take a supplement of lutein instead of increasing leafy greens, citrus fruit and omega 3 in your diet.

    It is clearly beneficial to lead a healthy lifestyle but we don’t want to overwhelm you with a complete diet change, so to start, let’s start taking a lutein supplement to boost our eye health for the year.

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