MiBo Thermoflo

MiBo Thermoflo is a new therapeutic medical device which can provide you with a safe and effective alternative treatment for dry eye syndrome.

How it Works

With your eyes closed your MiBo Thermoflo specialist will apply ultrasound gel to your eye. Your upper and lower eyelids are then gently massaged using the MiBo eye pad.

At the same time the eye pad heats up. The process is quick and similar to applying a compress.

The MiBo is heated to a safe temperature and you will experience a warm and comforting sensation. The heated eye pad then allows the glands around your eyes to produce more oil. The results are usually immediate with no side effects, and your eyes should feel moist with instant relief. Also if needed you will have the ability to wear your contact lenses straight away.

Our Dry Eye consultation is free. In the consultation we will assess the severity of your dry eye condition and advise on a treatment plan accordingly. MiBo Thermoflo treatment costs £95 per session.

A Typical MiBo Thermoflo Treatment Session

The initial treatment takes approximately 12 minutes per eye and one eye will be treated at a time. Your specialist will recommend the number of treatments required.

Treatments can be carried out every two weeks and most patients generally require three to four sessions.


Using MiBo Thermoflo treatment is a great way to help relieve you symptoms of dry eye. Not only is the procedure quick there are other benefits to using this technique, such as::

  • Cost effective
  • Instant results
  • No side effects
  • Painless
  • Usually only require three to four treatments
  • You can wear contact lenses straight after the procedure

MiBo Thermoflo Patient Testimonial

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