How to Relieve Eye Strain

Tired of looking at your computer screen all day? Get a bit of a headache, with the irritation of eye discomfort and blurry vision?

It is only normal for you to experience these symptoms when spending a long time looking at digital screens, this is known to be the case of digital eye strain.

It has been said that we blink less when reading in comparison to speaking, this may contribute to digital eye strain with a possibility of developing dryer eyes. In addition, there is curiosity about the amount of blue light that is being exposed from digital screens.

Therefore, to prevent digital eye strain, there is a general rule called the 20/20/20 rule; take a 20 second break looking at something 20 feet away, for every 20 minutes you are working. This rule has been proven very effective, especially when used in the early stages of detecting your symptoms.

However, we won’t keep you here for too long; take that break that’s well deserved, come back and check out how to help relieve dry eyes with antioxidants.

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