The main purpose of National Eye Health week is to raise awareness to take care of your eyes. The focus is to encourage the nation to have their eyes tested. It is recommended to have your eyes tested every two years, do you remember when yours were tested last?

Vision Matters have provided an Eye Health Questionnaire that shows how your lifestyle could be affecting your eye health. Although this offers an initial insight, it is advised to get your eyes tested by an optometrist.

Even if you haven’t noticed a change in your vision, it’s important to have your eyes tested regularly. This can help diagnose early symptoms of eye problems like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration or cataracts, which can seriously affect your vision if untreated.

You can also look after your eyes on a daily basis with a few lifestyle changes. Have a look at a few tips we’ve provided, 5 Life Habits to Keep Your Eyes Healthy.

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